How to generate remita code for noun

In one of my previous articles, I shared how to generate rrr code, which covered all the transaction type.

Today, I will specifically share with you how to generate remita code for noun.

So if you are student of national open university of Nigeria, searching for how to generate remita code, you might want to get in here to learn how to do that.

It is no more news that most Nigerian universities, polytechnics and colleges are using services to process their transactions.

Of course the national open university of Nigeria (NOUN) is not left out.

How To Generate NOUN Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) Number for Fee Payments

1. Visit the national open university website

noun remita retrieval reference number rrr

2. Click on Student Login

how to generate noun rrr number for fees
noun remita number rrr code
Click on Manage Wallet to generate remita retrieval reference number.png

5. Choose Load wallet at the drop-down menu option

noun rrr code

6. Fill-out the wallet Account fundingĀ form

generate remita number code

Here am assuming you selected the Bank branch payment option, not Bank internet nor MasterCard

7. Click pay to Generate your Noun Remita Retrieval Reference Code

pay noun fees after rrr number code generation

8. Copy the Generated remita code to any Noun participating bank to make your payment.

Points to Note

The Remita Retrieval Reference code is a 12 digit numbers i.e 1001 3004 6804
It doesn’t expire except a payment has been made.
You’ll get a message sent to your mailbox ones the code is generated © 2019