Before you abandon a university career, read this!

The path to graduate in the career you have chosen is not always free of obstacles.

If you are considering dropping everything, your reasons will seem more than valid to give up, but before you leave the class, consider the following points and probably your reasons for leaving a university career will begin to lose weight.

1. You have psychological support – Any pressing event in your personal life has a solution.

Two heads think better than one. If an event starts to impede you to finish your studies, it is always good to go with your career counselor or the university’s psychological team, who are sure to help you deal with situations that seem to shut the world down, and give you options for fix them and keep you in the race.

2. There are scholarships – Yes, the monetary issue is essential in your studies, but it should not be the trigger at some point to abandon a university career.

Find out about the scholarship options you have, which also means that you are practically obligated to maintain a high level of knowledge and skills that in the long run will benefit only you.

Look for a part-time job and / or discuss with your family the possibility of obtaining a loan from a financial institution.

3. Your life project must be sustained The reality is that if you are thinking of giving up everything, less money, you probably are not clear where your life is going.

Believe it, for your sake, it is better that you have enough courage to sit down to design it for the future, and if that design is imperative to go to college, then put all your creativity to work so that, rather than looking for excuses to abandon a university career, find options to move forward.

4. Your talents and gifts should be expressed If they fall within the scope of studies you get in college classrooms, you should not leave them without the tools at their disposal to make them shine, and those tools may consist of new knowledge, techniques of which you have no idea, personal visions that your teachers can give you and even enrich your talents and that you only find in the university.

5. Knowledge is power With talent and vocation you have enormous potential.

All the information you receive in classrooms is to get the best architect – for example – in you. Of you it will depend if you disdain it and you choose a more arduous road as it is the one of the autodidact one.

6. Years of study before college should not be in vain So give them a sense and think that you are closer to finishing the career than when you entered kindergarten.

7. You love what you can do If you already saw yourself in your future earning money for doing what you love, because what you do is part of your happiness, motivate yourself to finish your career remembering that if you leave it you have a high probability of being as simple amateur.

8. You have a vocation You will find less resistance when it comes to finding a place so that you can exercise it.

If you decided to leave your career even if you only had a few months left to complete it, it will be hard for you to see that even if you have more vocation and talent than someone with a degree, they will give priority to him in the labor field and not you. Your chances of finding a job decrease.

9. You need economic autonomy Perhaps you do not know, but all your years of study in the end more than a tool for your survival, are directed to a full life.

And part of it entails absolute ownership of the money earned via your talent.

Do not abandon your career, and over the years you sol @ you will realize what we talked about. To know the power that gives you economic independence , you will only know it if you prove it.

10. You deserve a decent life – You are a person and it is your right to live in the best conditions.

Before leaving your career, think that only you will be complicating this possibility if you do.

11. You could help others – Observe your environment, perhaps the career you are studying through you, in the future, could generate some kind of progress. Your society needs you.

12. Someday you will have family Or someone you love whom you will have to support, and such support well that could come from the obtained thanks to your university career. Without it, do you have a better way to do it?

13. You will be an inspiration to others – If you come from the lower social strata, ask yourself how much better you will live if you have a career and think how beneficial it would be for the new generations of your environment to take inspiration from you so that they, in turn, the hope of a better life.

14. The world is great – Knowing other countries and other people will be easier if you are required elsewhere thanks to your university career.

15. Concluding is easy – Do you know why?

Because you can! Because within you there is the capacity for decision, will and discipline necessary to achieve it. © 2019