Less competitive courses in nigeria

In Nigeria universities, there are competitive courses and there are less competitive courses in Nigeria.

What do I mean by that?

There are courses that is a bit tough to gain admission to study and there are some that is easy to gain admission.

So if you have been dreaming to get into a tertiary constitutions in Nigeria,

you might want to fasten your seat belt let me drive your around some less competitive courses in Nigeria.

If you are seeking admission into a competitive course, it might take you time before you get on campus.

You do not wish for that, I know!

Everyone wants to get to their destination as soon as possible.

You don’t want to waste your precious time seeking to gain admission into a competitive course before you can leave the life of your dream.

After all, what you study in the university does not depict what you will become in life.

You might get into the university to study accounting,

only for you to graduate as a staff in an oil company.

What’s the relevancy in the 2 careers cited above?

Of course, that’s how we roll here in Nigeria.

I have a friend who studied engineering in the university, but is working with access today.

When he informed me about his interview, I recommended this access bank practice questions for him.

What I’m I telling you all of these?

What you study in the university may not relate with where you’ll get your daily bread after graduation.

Back then when we were kids, if an elderly ask you what you want to become in future.

It’s either you wish for a medical doctor or a lawyer.

I am not condemning the ambition in any way.

But considering the fact that these two courses are very competitive, especially in Nigeria tertiary institution,

you might want to settle for other less competitive courses, instead of wasting time trying to gain admission into a competitive course.

Enough of the stories!

After all, what you searched for was a “List of less competitive courses in Nigeria”

You asked for it, here you have it.

FULL list of less competitive courses in Nigeria

1. Languages: When I say languages, I mean our native languages such as Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, Efik and others.

Efik is among the list of courses offered in uniuyo which I shared a while ago.

With your required credentials, it is easy to secure admission into any Nigerian higher institution offering language related courses.

Where do I work after graduation?

There are some radio / television stations casting news in local dialects, this an opportunity for graduates from this field of study.

Even some online medias publish some content in local dialect to target native users, a typical example is Naij.com

Teaching job and other offers are always available for languages graduates.

— History: History is one of the underrated courses in our tertiary institutions which make it less competitive and easy to get admission in any higher institution in Nigeria offering it – Uniuyo offers history and international studies too.

  • This Nigeria current affairs resource may help if you are aspiring to gain admission to study history.

— Surveying: Surveying is one of the most lucrative courses in 21st century.

However, it has less competition in Nigerian higher institutions, this may be unconnected with aim of the students to study professional courses like architecture and likes.

I recommend this course to you because we have less number if quantity surveyors In country plus high Chance of employment and less admission competition.

— Agriculture: Agriculture needs no introduction to an average African man.

The fact that our people now ignore agric make it less competitive in Nigeria universities.

With your required credentials you can easily gain admission to study agriculture.

The truth is agriculture remains one of the best professional courses on earth surface, with strong ability to be self employment.

— Education Courses: Education courses (double honours) are among the less competitive courses in our higher institutions.

While honour courses are suppose to have high competition than single honour courses, the reverse is the case.

This may be unconnected with strong believe that if you study education you will end up in classroom, which is simply false.

— Zoology/Botany: Zoology and Botany are two different branches of Biology.

While zoology is the study of animal, botany is concern with the study of plants.

May be because zoology is related to “Zoo”, some students assume if you study zoology you will end up in the Zoo, what a misconception!

Veterinary medicine: The branch of medicine dealing with the disease, injuries and treatment of farm and domestic animals, is also among the less competitive courses in Nigeria.

As the attention of majority students is shifted to human medicine, veterinary medicine continues to be among the most lucrative and professional courses in modern world.

If your intention is to study medicine I advise you to try less competitive but lucrative veterinary medicine course.

Material & Metallurgical Engineering: Modern day world may not be interesting without the courses like material and metallurgical engineering.

However lack of career guidance leads many students to reject metallurgical engineering for many unprofessional engineering courses.

As Metallurgy market is advancing in Nigeria this call for need of more metallurgical engineers.

If your wish is to study engineering, I recommend less competitive metallurgical engineering to you.

Agricultural Engineering: A branch of agriculture dealing with, construction and improvement of farming equipments and machinery is also one of the less competitive courses in Nigerian higher institutions.

As Nigerian government’s attention now shifted to agriculture, agricultural engineering market is boosting in Nigeria even with recession.

If you have required credentials agric engineering is worth studying in Nigeria.

— Mathematics & statistics: Mathematics and statics are unanimously one of the difficult courses in one’s academic journey.

Due to that, you will hardly see a student choosing mathematics in his jamb/utme therefore, makes it less competition.

90℅ of mathematics students are forced to study math out of their choice.

In other view, mathematicians has a high chance of getting employed due to scarcity of mathematics teachers in schools and higher institutions.

— Radiography: Sounds like a competitive course, also sounds like professional course and of course it is.

Due to the fact medical students are after medicine, pharmacy nursing and others, it now make radiography less competitive to secure admission in any Nigerian university offering the course.

— Building technology: The twin brother of surveying also remain a less competitive course in Nigeria universities.

With your required credentials, you need a little or no follow up to gain admission for you to study building technology In Nigeria, with a greater chance of getting employment after graduation.



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